We are completely obsessed by all things nonprofit, and can often be found with our noses in other people’s blogs digesting the latest in nonprofit happenings. We wanted to wish you all a very happy and relaxing holiday and share some of our favourite blogs from around the traps with you. Here are a few of our 2017 faves: 

Star Trek and the Future of the Nonprofit – Nonprofit And Fearless
A fun (if you like Star Trek) yet very deep think piece about models of collaboration in the nonprofit sector. 

Fundraisers: Stop Being Oil and Water. Be Gin and Tonic Instead – 101 Fundraising
About mixing marketing and fundraising into a delicious beverage, where teams pull together to integrate campaigns with a successful example (500% increase in donors). 

Nailing that last minute proposal – Indian Development Review
It is 6pm on a Friday night and you’re stuck staring at what fills the heart of every development professional with dread…do the exact opposite of what the sarcastic tips on this blog tells you and you’ll be fine! [Humour].

Essential Ways to Improve Your Nonprofit Landing Page – Re: Charity
Some unpredictable insights from research into nonprofit landing pages.

The Polish Red Cross: Very Good Manners – SOFII
And finally a clever campaign that shows that while the internet of things may be increasingly used for fundraising, so too can the most everyday social acts and objects be re-invented for advocacy and fundraising!

We look forward to sharing more of our own blogs and innovations with you in the new year! Stay tuned!

Many warm wishes, and hoping you have a safe, happy and healthy holiday break.
The Strategic Grants Team