Grant strategies to build nonprofit capacity

What is your nonprofit's annual revenue?

Strategic Grants' GEM Portal (Grants Expertise Management Portal) is the only grants database and management system available to Australian and New Zealand nonprofits that is completely customised to your organisation's funding needs, through the initial development of a personalised Grants Calendar.

You will receive alerts of changed and new closing dates for just those grants that are relevant to your mission and projects.

GEM Portal is powered by Strategic Grants' database of thousands of government and philanthropic deadlines, and is updated daily, ensuring your fundraising is streamlined and that you are not wasting hundreds of hours trawling through multiple grant listings.

Your personalised GEM Portal allows you to:

  • View detailed grant and funder records that are good prospects for your organisation's funding needs
  • Be alerted when deadlines change, or when new, relevant grants are added to the system
  • Record all your applications, their outcomes, your relationship history with specific funders, and acquittal due dates
  • Receive reminder emails when reporting due dates are approaching, so that you never miss a deadline and jeopardise your relationship with funders
  • Download an up-to-date version of your Grants Calendar at any time
  • Produce detailed reports on your grants program with a single click
  • Ensure your organisation's grant-seeking is efficient, sustainable and effectively managed.

See how the GEM Portal could revolutionise your grant-seeking: visit the demo version here 

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