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Preparing ahead for Perpetual IMPACT



Author: Jo Garner



Thinking of applying for the Perpetual IMPACT grant this year? There are a lot of things to think about and gather together so it’s vital that you start preparing now for the 2nd December deadline.

As the focus of Perpetual IMPACT applications is largely on organisational performance and capability, this application is a little different from some other grant applications which have greater focus on the grant project.

When you are getting together information for your application, you need to be doing so with these things in mind:

- Perpetual wants to ensure they are investing in competent, capable organisations who are measuring their entire performance, in addition to that of the specific project for which funds are being requested.

- Ensure that your response to the question about strategic priorities for the next twelve months accurately reflects your organisation’s strategic plan.

- Questions on KPIs for organisational efficiencies relate to quantifiables that may include, by way of example, growth in income and/or reduction in expenses.

- Questions on KPIs for organisational effectiveness relate to how well the organisation is achieving its mission – often captured by qualitative and quantitative data. This is an outcomes question.

- Perpetual wants to know you have identified the real risks and external challenges to your organisation’s operations and longevity, AND to your project, and what plans you have in place to reduce the impact of these risks.

- Perpetual wants to see that the project you are requesting funds for aligns with the objectives in your strategic plan. (Hint: it should be the case that all your projects for which you seek funding are aligned with your strategic plan).

- Make sure you’ve sought quotes and exact wage rates for your budget. The amount being requested should be an accurate figure that correlates exactly with the figures in your budget.

- Ensure you have hard evidence for your project’s need. ABS data, your own evaluation in the field etc can be good sources when answering the question relating to need and rationale for the project.

- Make sure you know what your projected outcomes for the project are and how you will measure them! Have a plan for your project’s evaluation before applying! (Best practice is to do this for every grant project).

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Best of luck with your application and don’t forget to avail yourselves of our training both online and in person at our Grant-Seeker Workshops if there are elements of this you don’t understand. Our Advanced Webinar on Evaluation and Social Impact will help with this last dot point especially!