Grant strategies to build nonprofit capacity

Giving Australia 2016: a sneak peek at Australia’s largest ever review of giving and volunteering.

Kate2 Author: Kate Sunners

This morning’s breakfast with the QLD chapter of the FIA, sharing insights gleaned from the Giving Australia 2016 research project by the Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies was jam-packed with sector insights and excitement.

 Angela Perry from the Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership spoke about the achievements so far in the almost two years of the partnership’s operation – the work on simplifying the regulatory framework for DGR status and PAF giving – and future directions including broadening the types of financial support that can be made as a % of an annual corpus (loans for example), and finding better ways to engage those in middle income brackets in giving.

Professor Myles McGregor-Lowndes OAM and Associate Professor Wendy Scaife of the ACPNS then launched the Giving Australia 2016 Report, the largest ever Australian study on giving and volunteering; bringing together huge amounts of qualitative and quantitative data collection including interviews with nonprofit staff, surveys of foundations, general public, small to medium enterprise, and large business.

When the Report proper is released in 2017, keep an eye out for the literature review, a meta-view of existing literature on the nonprofit sector, segmented by topic and with a list of top 10 readings – a great resource before the analysis of the data even begins!

The top three areas of granting focus shown by the study are: social services, education and research, and health – no surprises there really – and grants comes in at third place for most significant dollars raised per fundraising method in nonprofits surveyed.

Wendy also highlighted that one of the trends coming out of the interviews with nonprofit staff is their desire to see more transparency from funders:“Who are foundations and how do we get to them?” and that sometimes nonprofits feel they’re making applications with their hands tied behind their backs. It’s always great to see funders engaging with the community with information sessions, webinars and meet-ups and hopefully we’ll continue to see this level of engagement grow, along with the professionalism of the fundraisers as they engage with funders.

A huge congratulations to ACPNS staff, and all researchers and partners involved in this study. It will provide some extremely useful and valuable insights for every part of the third sector!

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