Grant strategies to build nonprofit capacity

A comprehensive Key Messages document clearly defines what your organisation is all about and your point of difference.


It’s the cornerstone of any fundraising activity. Without one, it’s easy to end up with multiple, inconsistent or confusing messages about what you do and why and how you do it.

Strategic Grants can work with your organisation to develop a comprehensive Key Messages document that will include: short and long overview of your organisation, structure, history and key achievements, niche offering, collaborations, sustainability messages etc.) It will become a valuable reference tool for grant applications, fundraising documents and communications.

Signed off by your executive, shared among all staff, and updated quarterly, your Key Messages document ensures a consistent story is being told about your organisation.

Strategic Grants’ years of fundraising and professional copywriting and grant writing experience will ensure you always communicate clear, powerful messages that inspire people to want to know more about supporting your organisation.