The question of how to access Private Ancillary Funds (PAFs)?

So often we are asked, “Do you have a list of the Private Ancillary Funds in GEMS?”.

In short, “yes we do!”. We have a list of the PAFs for those which there is publicly available information.

The longer answer is, only around 56% of PAFs have publicly available information.

A recent research paper published by our partners at FR&C, authored by Director, Charlotte Grimshaw, takes a rigorous look at exactly what information is and is not available in the public domain.

We encourage you to download and read the full report:

Here are the highlights as we see them:

  • As at February 2021 there were 1,853 PAFs and 1,354 PuAFs registered with DGR status in Australia.
  • About half of the registered PAFs do not appear in the ACNC Charity Register. It can be impossible to find information about them. The ACNC register includes core information on all registered charities and requires that they submit financial reports if they qualify by size to be so required. But there is a specific exemption, mainly applied to PAFs, where their trustees may apply to have the PAF’s information withheld.
  • If a PAF is registered with the ACNC but has asked for its information to be withheld, it does not appear either in the AIS data download, nor in the ACNC’s published list of all registered organisations.
  • The research found that 86% of the PuAFs appeared on the ACNC register, but only 56% of the PAFs. That’s 1,046 out of a total of 1,853, leaving over 800 PAFs not appearing in the ACNC register.

It’s all about the relationship

Our view, which is in line with that of FR&C, is that cold approaches to any major donor, including PAFs, is unlikely to be effective. The principles of best practice fundraising dictate that building relationships with your donors who have some affinity with your mission, and engaging them in a meaningful partnership, is a much stronger strategy. Quite simply, look for those donors who want to achieve the same objectives with their philanthropy, that you are delivering through your work.

How to access Private Ancillary Funds (PAFs)?

Not sure where to start?

Let us answer the question of how to access Private Ancillary Funds (PAFs).

Strategic Grants GEMS does contain the approximate 56% for which there is publicly available information. Some have web-sites and readily available guidelines and criteria. Others do not.

Have a look at our GEM Portal Demo and let us know if you have questions. It’s a demo so it only contains hypothetical examples.

FR&C Wealthscan

As a complementary service to your GEMS customised grants calendar, we recommend FR&C’s Wealthscan service. It offers a screening process to identify potential major donors and influential people within your existing database. Their profiling service can provide fast and professional profiling to help inform your strategy and prospective approach.

You can find more about GEM Portal and other strategic advice on best practice grant-seeking across our website. Or if you would like to chat you can Contact Us on email or phone.

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