Now you can seamlessly synchronise grants to Raiser’s Edge NXT from your GEM Portal.

No longer do you need to maintain information about your grants in two systems. Any grant that is in your GEM Portal grants calendar can be synchronised to your Raiser’s Edge NXT as a Constituent Opportunity.

“We are loving the integration between GEM Portal and RE NXT. It’s so easy to use, helpful and saves us precious time when it comes to updating constituent records in Raiser’s Edge!”

-Jenny, Sir David Martin Foundation

Synchronised Simplicity

At the click of a button, simply and easily send your grants information straight into Raiser’s Edge NXT.

Locate the grant you are interested in, within your GEM Portal grants calendar.

Click the ‘Sync to Raiser’s Edge NXT’ button.

Choose whether you would like to create a new Constituent / Opportunity, or update an existing Constituent.

Synchronise grants to Raiser's Edge NXT

Strategic Grants GEM Portal Opportunity Tile

Synchronise grants to Raiser's Edge NXT

After you have synchronised your grants data into Raiser’s Edge NXT, access our rich grants data in the Strategic Grants GEM Portal Opportunity Tile.

Whenever our Research Team makes an update in GEM Portal, we will also update it automatically in your Opportunity. No need to refresh. No need to be logged in to GEM Portal.

The synchronisation is done for you.

“The Raiser’s Edge NXT integration with GEM Portal has been really useful for The Bionics Institute so that we can automatically include GEMS grant and award opportunities within our RE NXT reports.” Lucy, Bionics Institute

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Licencing and Access

You can access our Privacy Policy here.

Use of your GEM Portal is defined within your Strategic Grants Service Agreement.

The ability to view data from GEM Portal directly within Raiser’s Edge NXT will be available while ever you are subscribed to access the interface. In any event where you decide to not continue with this interface, GEM Portal data that was viewable from within Raiser’s Edge NXT will cease to be available.

* You must be running the Prospects module known as RE:Search in Raiser’s Edge NXT to be able to use the connector.


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Synchronise grants to Raiser’s Edge NXT

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Not using Raiser’s Edge NXT? But you would love to send your grants data into your CRM …

If you aren’t using Raiser’s Edge NXT but you are using a different CRM like Salesforce or Microsoft Fundraising and Engagement and you would like to send your GEM Portal grants data to your CRM, speak to us about your requirements.