Tailored service to support grants recruitment 

In our conversations with clients, we are hearing that recruiting new employees in the non-profit sector with the exact skill set they are looking for is proving challenging for most. Our Employee Onboarding and Upskilling service allows you to focus on recruiting someone with transferable skills who then work Strategic Grants on upskilling them to get them up to speed on non-profit / for purpose sector knowledge. 

When recruiting 

Strategic Grants’ top skills to look for are: 

  1. Exceptional communication skills—written and oral. When it comes to fundraising and grants especially, having an internal resource that can listen, capture key messages, and present those in both proposals and when speaking to internal and external stakeholders, is essential. You need someone who can build and nurture relationships with program leaders and funders. This combination is a winner.  
  1. Strategic thinking. A good fundraiser knows who in the organisation should have the conversation with the right donor for the right project at the right time, and makes it happen. 
  1. Time management and organisational skills. Fundraising activities are generally deadline driven, whether it is submitting grant applications, getting appeals out or running events. We look for people with the ability to manage multiple tasks, work well under pressure and know when to ask for additional support from the team. 

How it works 

We work with your organisation and your new recruit, supporting your onboarding and upskilling over a three-month period. 

Our Employee Onboarding and Upskilling service will teach your employee(s) all about the non-profit / for-purpose sector, the funding landscape, funders’ expectations and organisational readiness to win grants.  

Get in touch for additional information, including pricing. 

Grant Writing, Training & Reporting Services

Our Grant Writing Services
We write grant applications for you or provide grant writing tips through our grant application reviews, to deliver on the job grants training.

Grant Writing Training and Tools For Local Councils
We work with your local council to bring your local community organisation a current list of available not-for-profit grants coupled with our grant writing courses.

Non-profit Grant Training Resources
Non-profit grant training including Beginner Webinars, Grant-seeker Workshops, Podcasts and even a Community Grant Seeker Training Manual for purchase.

Inspire Donors to Give with a Case for Support
Engage your prospective donors through creation of a high-impact Case for Support, which enables your fundraising team to work from the same messages.

Grants Management Advisory and Mentoring
Monthly non-profit grants management program which includes help managing your GEM portal, grant project planning and budgeting, funder relationship management and much more!

Organisational Grants Training Workshop
Setting up your grants program and not achieving a good grants success rate? This grants training workshop is for you.

Grant Performance Monitoring and Evaluation
We can help you report outcomes to donors and funders in a meaningful way with grant evaluation and performance monitoring services customised for non-profit organisations.