The Funder Fifteen

Insight direct from funders

If you had 15 minutes with a grant funder, what would you ask? In this short, sharp podcast, Strategic Grants Director Jo Garner sits down with grant funders, advisors and administrators to ask the questions for-purpose organisations want the answers to. 

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Episode 2: Jana Investment Advisors

In this episode, Jo chats with Michael Maher, Head of Not-for-Profit Consulting at Jana Investment Advisors. Michael shares what funders are looking for when they choose to work with for-purpose organisations, and what for-purpose organisations can be doing now to ensure they are financially sustainable. Find out more:

Episode 1: Queensland Community Foundation

In episode one, Jo chats with Tara Castle, CEO of Queensland Community Foundation (QCF), to find out more about their process for assessing QCF’s most recent General Fund – the biggest pool of money QCF gave away in its 25-year history, and Tara’s top tip for grant-seekers. Plus learn more about the 2022 QCF Philanthropy awards!

A GEM of a Podcast

Adjust the dial and tune in to our GEM of a Podcast

Tune in to our A GEM of a Podcast. Set your dial to Grants Radio, get yourself a cup of tea or coffee, sit back and enjoy.

Delivering you the GEMS of grants wisdom that we have collected on our blog over the years. Stream them on your phone, laptop or digital listening device.

Building your grants toolkit

It’s time to get back to basics and get grant-ready!

Investing time into preparing your grants toolkit now will save hours down the track – let us show you how.

Stuff Funders Say

… and why they say it.

What Funders would like from their applicants.

Funder Reports

Reporting back to your Funder.

Identifying grant funding prospects

How do you go about identifying good funding prospects for your projects.

Hear about best practice grant prospect identification.

A Prioritised Wishlist

What is a Wishlist?

… and why does your organisation need a prioritised list or projects, before you go searching for funding?

Capacity to deliver the project

Careful what you wish for!

When the funding arrives will you be ready to deliver the project?

Nurturing Relationships

Meaningful relationships.

Understanding a funder’s criteria and building long term relationships.


What should a project budget look like?

How do you $value your volunteers?

What should you include in the budget?

Key Messages

Come sail with us on the seven C’s of Key Messages.

Episode 3’s porpoise, er purpose, is to give you the basics on one of the most useful documents to have at hand when seeking grant funding! Also, pirates


We take you through some scary stuff: the A to Zombie of evaluation.

Is your nonprofit putting an evaluation plan in place when you’re doing your project planning? What exactly are outputs, outcomes and impacts and how do we capture data on them?

Find out in this episode, but hold on to your brains!

Project Planning

An 8 minute ride through the trials and tribulations of project planning for grant applications, with a few fowl puns thrown in for good measure.

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