Would you like your local community to be empowered with grant writing training and the necessary tools for successful grant-seeking?

We work with your local council, to bring you an always up to date list of grant opportunities to your local community organisations. And we couple it with grant writing training both for Council’s Grants team and community organisations, to increase funding success in your community.

Our years of experience working with nonprofits of all sizes, tells us that most local community groups and organisations struggle to know where to look for grants. And they also struggle with knowing what information to include in strong, competitive grant applications, to clearly answer all the questions.

So the great news is, that your council, you can help build the capacity of your local community groups. Together, Council and Strategic Grants can deliver best-practice grant writing training and tools to meet this need.

Our Partnership delivers:

  • A Grants Calendar and GEM Portal account for Council’s local Community Groups
  • Training for Council’s Grants Team in using GEM Portal and distributing a Grants Calendar to local community groups.
  • 3 x half-hour live grant writing training webinars for community groups
  • Free GEM Local personalised accounts for community groups
  • Monitoring, evaluation and reporting of the program’s benefits in your local community.

Build the capacity of your local areas’ community groups through grants training and tools. You can also purchase bulk subscriptions to the Strategic Grants Webinar Library.