Strategic Grants Training offers a range of grants training to suit all levels of experience

Once COVID restrictions lift, we will be back on the road around Australia and New Zealand to deliver our half day grant-seeker workshops. And we can’t wait! In the meantime, we are proud to bring this highly sought-after grants training to you, virtually.

We also have a pile of excellent grants training webinars in our webinar library and free grant writing examples so take a look below. If you are just starting out in grants, we recommend starting with our Beginner Webinar: Building your Grants Strategy, before moving on to more advanced topics.

Questions about our Grants Training webinars or suggestions for topics? Please get in touch at [email protected]

Grant-Seeker Workshops

Due to COVID-19 directives, Strategic Grants is now pleased to bring you our highly sought after ½ day Grant-Seeker Workshops, online! 

In three 45 minute to one hour sessions, you will learn everything you need, to set up a robust grant-seeking strategy. Plus you will have templates, check lists and a pile of grant writing tips to follow. And don’t worry if you miss one of the live sessions, once registered, you will have access to all three webinars for one month! 

You can purchase a pre-record of the Virtual Grant-Seeker Workshops now, or you can sit in on the next live series.

You will learn: 

  • An overview of the current grants landscape and impact of the COVID pandemic
  • Getting your organisation ‘grant ready’
  • Guide to packaging projects
  • Feedback from funders on why applications do or don’t succeed 
  • Donor relationships
  • Grant writing – how to write a great grant application, including examples
  • Evaluation and reporting to engage your donors.

The Strategic Grants Grant-Seeker Workshops are often heralded as the best grants training attendees have completed. 

GSW Attendee – “Thank you for providing such clear information and practical tips on building a successful grants program.”

Community Grant Seeker Training

Are you looking to win grants for your small, community-based nonprofit organisation?

This simple grants training resource is designed specifically for you. Strategic Grants’ Community Grant-Seeker Training is designed to:

  • Deliver a step-by-step guide to preparing great grant applications
  • Be specifically used by Australian community groups, voluntary organisations, and grassroots nonprofits
  • Provide practical examples, checklists and downloadable templates for you to use both now and for future applications

This training has been created specifically for volunteer-led, community-based nonprofits raising less than $500,000 per year, who are applying for grants occasionally.

Purchase our Community Grant Seeker Training Manual here


These Grants Training Podcasts deliver you the GEMS of grants wisdom that we have collected on our blog over the years. Listen on your phone, laptop or digital listening device. Tune your radio dial into one of our Podcasts now.

Upcoming Training
  • Project Packaging your Business as Usual Funding Needs – Live Webinar
  • More great online training … coming soon
Why Strategic Grants?

“The webinar was just perfect, we cannot thank enough! It will be a wonderful resource going forward.”  

Nicole Wright, Country Education Foundation of Australia (CEF).

Webinar Library

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