Seamlessly synchronise grants to Salesforce from your GEM Portal

No longer do you need to maintain information about your grants in two systems. Any grant that is in your GEM Portal grants calendar can be synchronised to your Salesforce CRM.

Synchronised Simplicity

At the click of a button, simply and easily send your grants information direct into Salesforce.

Locate the grant you are interested in, within your GEM Portal grants calendar.

Click the ‘Sync to Salesforce’ button.

It’s that simple!

GEM Portal Sync to Salesforce

Strategic Grants GEM Portal Grant Custom Object

After you have synchronised the grants data into Salesforce, access our rich grants data in the GEM Portal Grants custom object.

Whenever our Research Team makes an update in GEM Portal, we will also update it automatically in your Salesforce. No need to refresh. No need to be logged in to GEM Portal.

The synchronisation is done for you.

Complete control with Salesforce Flow

Now that you have the GEM Portal grants synchronising with your Salesforce, you can utilise our template Salesforce Flow’s to send our data into the appropriate locations in your Salesforce.

You can modify our out of the box Flow’s to create new Salesforce Accounts and Opportunity’s. Modify our template Flow’s or build your own.

You have complete control over where you can push our grants data into your Salesforce records.

Would you like to know more?

Purchase the app

Access our app direct from the Salesforce App Exchange


If you would like to delve deeper before making your purchase, you can review our technical documents here:

GEM Portal HowTo 1. Connecting to Salesforce

GEM Portal HowTo 2. Using the Salesforce Interface

Not using Salesforce? But you would love to send your grants data into your CRM …

If you aren’t using Salesforce or Raiser’s Edge NXT but you are using a different CRM and you would like to send your GEM Portal grants data to your CRM, speak to us about your requirements.