Monthly Tailored Grants Management

We provide not-for-profit grant seekers with month-to-month grants program management. This is helpful to those who are new to grant-seeking by embedding best-practice into their methodology, by temporarily filling vacant positions and by providing essential grant management training to your team.

For some organisations, it can be more cost-effective to outsource. To this end, we recommend the best solution to meet your unique grant management needs.

Our monthly tailored grants management program includes:

  • Assistance in managing your GEM Portal subscription
  • Monthly meetings to plan for upcoming grant applications
  • Project matching to upcoming deadlines
  • Completion plans for grant applications and funder reports
  • Advice on reporting and donor relationship management
  • Monitoring grants program performance

Custom Grants Management—Project Planning and Budgeting

Project planning and budgeting are common points of weakness in grant applications. Often the project plan provided to the grant writer by the project leader lacks evidence of both the need and the benefits the work will bring.

Strategic Grants works with nonprofits to provide a customised project information template that can be used with your project leaders. This ensures the project is true to the strategy, it is grant-ready and there is enough data and evidence to build a strong, competitive grant application.

Our grant management training also includes budgeting. This ensures total project delivery costs are accounted for, plus organisational contributions, co-funding, and true costs to deliver.

Major Donor Stewardship for Grant Application Success

Grant funders are major donors to your nonprofit. Appropriate relationship management and engagement is key to your grants management success!

Strategic Grants will work with your team to make sure that your donor relationships are managed in the best possible way, through strong reporting and engagement. The aim is for your organisation to be the one that gets the phone call asking if you need more funding.

“I have worked with Strategic Grants for close to three years to create a successful Trust and Foundation program. The team have a great aptitude for understanding the needs of our organisation. This made Strategic Grants stand out from similar agencies I have previous engaged with. They pay close attention to all the needs of our organisation and ensure only quality application and critiques are put forward. Every team member is personally driven to make a positive difference in the fundraising space and their attitude reflects our organisational values of integrity, success and respect. Strategic Grants’ versatile way of working and experience in non-for-profit only added to the benefits they brought to our organisation. I would not hesitate to recommend the Strategic Grants team to any of my networks.”  Alex Cross, Bolton Clarke

Grants Management Training and Mentoring

Strategic Grants believes strongly in increasing your nonprofit’s capacity to survive and thrive.

Our grants management training and mentoring services provide your team with best practice training, based on our work with funders and their feedback. We deliver training with and for funders, we co-present with them and attend their events. We catch up with them regularly and know what they are looking for in a partner. Think of our grants management system as your ideal wingman to drive grant funding results.

Grant Writing, Training & Reporting Services

Organisational Grants Training Workshop
Setting up your grants program and not achieving a good grants success rate? This grants training workshop is for you.

Grant Performance Monitoring and Evaluation
We can help you report outcomes to donors and funders in a meaningful way with grant evaluation and performance monitoring services customised for non-profit organisations.

Our Grant Writing Services
We work with your local council to bring your local community organisation a current list of available not-for-profit grants coupled with our grant writing courses.

Grant Writing Training and Tools for Local Councils
We work with your local council to bring your local community organisation a current list of available not-for-profit grants coupled with our grant writing courses.

Non-profit Grant Training Resources
Non-profit grant training including Beginner Webinars, Grant-seeker Workshops, Podcasts and even a Community Grant Seeker Training Manual for purchase.

Inspire Donors to Give with a Case for Support
Engage your prospective donors through creation of a high-impact Case for Support, which enables your fundraising team to work from the same messages.