Funder Reporting and Funding Conditions

The importance of accountability & transparency in your updates to funders

So you’ve won the grant – congratulations! But hang on…we have to submit a funding report?

This webinar covers the important steps you need to plan today, to ensure that you are reporting back to your funder with the right responses – and on time. A strategic approach is an absolute must to developing a well written report the funder deserves, and to assist you with winning new or extended grants!

Key takeaways:

  • How to source the information you need to report on your funded project
  • Key items you should cover in your final report
  • Tips and examples for writing standout funder reports
  • An example of a funder report template

This webinar is suitable for not for profit and community organisation staff involved in project planning and grant applications. The webinar runs for approximately 35 minutes.


$45.00 for 30 days