Our years of experience working with nonprofits large and small tells us that most local community groups and organisations struggle to know where to look for grants information, and to know how to go about putting project plans together that meet funder expectations, and write strong applications.

The great news is that as a local council, you can provide both best-practice training and the tools to meet this need by partnering with Strategic Grants.


Strategic Grants can work with your council, to enable access by your local community organisations to up to date, always current grant opportunities, and tools and training both for Council’s Grants team and community organisations.

Our Councils GEM Local Community Partnership delivers:

– A Grants Calendar and GEM Portal account for Council’s local Community Groups
– Training for Council’s Grants Team in using GEM Portal and distributing a Grants Calendar to local community groups.
– 3 x half-hour live webinars for community groups
– Free GEM Local personalised accounts for community groups

Deliverables and benefits:

  • A Grants Calendar and GEM Portal account to identify funding prospects for all types of Community Groups in your local government area
  • Training for your Community Grants Team in how to use the GEM Portal, so that each month your staff can refresh the Grants Calendar and send it to all the community groups in your area (with annual revenue under $1.5M per year).
  • Community Groups are also able to create their own Customised Grants Calendar and grants management system, with free access to GEM Local. This will enable them to customise their grants calendar to receive updated information on JUST the grants relevant to them (based on the TYPE of work they are seeking funding for). They can also log the applications they submitted against individual funding deadlines, and of those that were successful, log when their accountability reports are due!
  • Tip sheets and a 30-minute webinar for all recipients, which cover grants basics, how to get the most from the Grants Calendar, and how to sign up to GEM Local, where there are even more grant-seeking resources available.
  • Outcomes reporting including: the benefits Community Groups have received through receipt of the Grants Calendar and / or access to their own GEM Local account; what has changed about each organisations’ grants processes; knowledge acquired by organisations through this capacity building tool; examples of increase in capacity and grants revenue from your surveyed community groups.


GEMS (Grants Expertise Management Systems) is the only online end to end grants management system fueled by a database that produces tailored, customised grants calendars for community organisations in Australia. Each organisation, through their own unique access and log in, sees only those grants relevant to their legal status, eligibility, project types and service types, and geographic locations.

Our team of specialist grants researchers is working in GEMS daily to update grant deadlines and add new grants.

Our exceptionally high GEMS subscriber retention rates are a strong indicator of the value that community organisations receive from their subscription.

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