United We Shine is the theme for the 2022 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. The theme signifies that when we band together, we shine brighter. It is a rallying call to stand up against hate and inequality, reminding us that when we rise as a collective, our message of love and inclusion is heard louder.

In honour of the Mardi Gras Parade happening in Sydney this weekend – and in banding together to ensure your grants strategy shines brighter! – we’re sharing some upcoming grant opportunities with a specific funding focus on initiatives supporting the LGBTQIA+ community.

Some of these deadlines are looming – so be quick, and as always, make sure you read the guidelines carefully!

Pride Foundation Australia Small Grants Program Round 1 2022 – round 1 closes 7 March; round 2 closes 11 July

Pride Foundation will invest in projects that benefit either LGBTQIA+ individuals or community or strengthen LGBTQIA+ organisational capacity:

Individuals – an application needs to satisfy at least one of the following intended outcomes. Through the project LGBTIQ community members will:

  • be more connected to each other and to their community
  • have improved skills and knowledge
  • have enhanced wellbeing and resilience
  • participate more fully in their community

Organisational capacity – an application needs to satisfy at least one of the following intended outcomes. Through the projects LGBTIQ organisation will:

  • be better able to recruit and retain volunteers and members
  • work better with the community and/or other organisations
  • improve the skills and knowledge of volunteers/members
  • develop resources it needs to undertake its work.

The planned activity must involve and benefit LGBTQIA+ members and promote positive social outcomes in our community.

The maximum grant value has been increased to $750.

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Sidney Myer Fund/PFA – LGBTQIA+ refugees and people seeking asylum – EOI closes 14 March

This grant round will focus on supporting LGBTQIA+ refugees and people seeking asylum. The funder encourages projects that are collaborations between refugee and asylum seeker agencies or groups and LGBTQIA+ agencies or groups. Projects should aim to assist LGBTQIA+ people who are refugees or seeking asylum in any of the following areas:

  • Improving access to stable housing
  • Enhancing education and/or workforce participation
  • Enhancing support for community connection and improving settlement outcomes
  • Improving health and/or health literacy
  • Supporting links to LGBTIQ services and supports
  • Enhancing cultural engagement and development
  • Improving LGBTQIA+ inclusive practice in services.

Funding will be to the value of $20,000.

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Lesbians Inc Australia Community Grants Program Round 1 2022 – closes 18 March

Lesbians Incorporated (LInc) has established a Community Grants Program to give out $10,000 in grants (up to $1000 per grant) per round.

To be eligible for funding, projects must demonstrate that they:

  • meet an identified social, cultural, educational, health, welfare, recreational, personal development or legal need of the lesbian community;
  • target discrimination against lesbians and/or aim to improve the civil rights and/or status of lesbians within the general community;
  • aim to improve the access of lesbians to programs, services, activities and opportunities available to the general community;
  • aim to increase the vocational training and/or employment opportunities of lesbians.

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LGBTIQ+ Organisational Development Grants 2022 – closes 25 March

The LGBTIQ+ Organisational Development Grants 2022 strengthen Victoria’s LGBTIQ+ communities, by supporting LGBTIQ+ organisations and groups to grow their crucial work.

Eligible organisations and groups are invited to apply for grants to:

  • build their capacity, including through staff training and development opportunities
  • better serve diverse LGBTIQ+ communities across Victoria
  • fortify their long-term viability by planning for the future.

There are two streams of grants:

Stream 1 – grants of up to $25,000 per organisation

Stream 2 – grants of up to $50,000 per organisation

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Broadtree Foundation – open anytime

The Broadtree Foundation is a family operated Private Ancillary Fund (PAF) which provides direct funding to not-for-profit organisations in order to improve the quality of life for people within various communities.

They aim to support the improvement of the quality of life for people identifying as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex (eg people who do not identify as heterosexual) and their families.

The Foundation seeks to fund 3 to 6 applications each year. The maximum funding which can be applied for is $25,000 in a financial year.

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Make sure you check out the official Mardi Gras website to learn more about how you can support a more diverse and inclusive community.

These opportunities were sourced by our Grants Expertise Management System (GEMS) – find out more!