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The research team at Strategic Grants spend hundreds of hours every month reviewing newsletters, funder sites, LinkedIn and many other resources to find funding and grants to enter and update in our Grants Expertise Management System (GEMS).

We also share relevant articles with the rest of Team SG as our commitment to keeping up-to-date with what’s happening across the sector here at home in Australia and New Zealand, and across the globe.

Here are some of highlights from the past month. 

Latest sector news

Philanthropy 50: Which Australians gave away the most in 2023? 

A list that is read by many to see who has donated the most funds in the last 12 months. Funding was given to a variety of causes and spending was up (when compared with the top 50 from 2022) by 12%. The article mentions how the intergenerational wealth transfer should boost philanthropy as well as highlighting some of the newcomers and returnees into the list. Now don’t get out your phone and start calling them, they won’t all align to your cause, and more importantly you might want to check how they made their millions and if that matches your organisations vision and mission. In case you missed our blog post on key strategies for navigating (and securing funding!) from Trusts & Foundations, click here.   

Read more: https://www.afr.com/wealth/people/philanthropy-50-which-australians-gave-away-the-most-in-2023-20240308-p5favg

Equitable Foundations – A framework and case studies for gender-wise philanthropy in partnerships 

It is not just grantees that evaluate their programs and how they meet the sectors’ expectations in relation to funding and partnerships. Australians Investing in Women have developed a suite of frameworks to help funders improve their effectiveness of investment.

Read more:  https://www.aiiw.org.au/research-resources/equitable-foundations/ 

‘Tax nudge’ reform could unlock up to $19.5 billion lift to philanthropic giving by 2030, says report commissioned by Philanthropy Australia 

As part of the strategy to Double Giving by 2030 Philanthropy Australia has developed three options in relation to money received through tax returns which revolve around the idea of asking the question “Do you wish to donate some of your estimated tax return (yes/no)?” 

Read more: https://www.philanthropy.org.au/news-and-stories/tax-nudge-reform-could-unlock-up-to-19-5b-in-giving-by-2030-new-philanthropy-australia-report

Paul Ramsay Foundation unveils new strategy   

The Paul Ramsay Foundation (PRF), one of Australia’s largest philanthropic organisations, released information on its new strategy this month. PRF will now shift its approach to develop packages of grants, combining multiple levers for change, to contribute to long-term outcomes including: 

  • Children and young people have positive life paths free from entrenched poverty and harm. 
  • Places and communities are connected and imagining and leading their own futures. 
  • Conditions support thriving. 
  • First Nations people and communities are self-determining. 

Read more: https://www.paulramsayfoundation.org.au/news-resources/changing-conditions-changing-lives-prf-unveils-new-strategy

Koda Capital – Rising Tide: How non-profit & philanthropic investors approach responsible investing 

With responsible investing on the rise, this research sets a benchmark for comparison in future years in relation to the for-purpose sector and how it invests funds. With a strong response of over 120 non-profit, charitable and philanthropic investors 96% reported their entity has some focus on responsible investing. 

Read more: https://kodacapital.com/wp-content/uploads/Koda-Capital-Rising-Tide-How-Non-Profit-Philanthropic-Investors-Approach-Responsible-Investing-May-2024.pdf

How to create a culture of fundraising on your board  

When an article articulates its intent in the first sentence and it summarises the piece perfectly – “Most board members understand that their role includes helping bring in money for a nonprofit, but they don’t always know how best to go about it or feel comfortable asking others for donations”. We come across this quite a bit and providing some direction and training for your board is a simple way to boost introductions and leverage relationships.  

Read more: https://www.philanthropy.com/article/how-to-create-a-culture-of-fundraising-on-your-board

How transparent philanthropy can liberate billions of dollars — and do more good  

There is one paragraph in this article that highlights the opportunity for funders / trusts / foundations to share information with each other. A good example of this is the Bold Solutions Network, developed by Lever for Change to help applicants to its 11 grant challenges connect to other potential funding sources. As of November 2023, Lever for Change had awarded $737 million directly to organisations that participated in the challenges, but even more — $935 million — has gone to groups that in many cases did not win but received funding when their information was shared with interested donors. In all, more than a quarter of those who didn’t get a Lever for Change grant told us they ended up receiving funding at least partially because of this data sharing. 

Read more: https://www.philanthropy.com/article/how-transparent-philanthropy-can-liberate-billions-of-dollars-and-do-more-good

Annual or Impact Reports released: 

The Snow Foundation 2023 annual report: https://www.snowfoundation.org.au/publication/the-snow-foundation-annual-report-2023  

Sydney Women’s Fund Impact Report: https://www.sydneywomensfund.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/SWF-Impact-report-April-2024.pdf

The Elston Giving Foundation Impact Report Jan-Dec 2023: https://elston.com.au/wp-content/uploads//2024/05/2023-EGF-Impact-Report_web.pdf

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