Strategic Grants & RFDS

The Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) in Queensland provides excellence in, and access to, primary health care and aeromedical services across the state.

Their emergency retrieval service operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, delivering the finest care to more than 330,000 Australians each year — that’s one person every two minutes.

In addition to aeromedical retrievals of the critically ill or injured, the RFDS also delivers a broad range of essential primary and preventative healthcare services, including telehealth, mental health, oral health and health promotion.

Strategic Grants and RFDS Queensland Section have a long-term relationship going back more than seven years.

“Strategic Grants have been an integral part of the growth of Trusts and Foundations at RFDS,” says Bill Maddock, Philanthropy Associate, RFDS Queensland Section.

“They advise us on everything from strategy, relationship management, and case for support creation for capital campaigns, to reviewing and writing grant applications and funder report acquittals.”

With the rapid growth of, and a clear need for services by, RFDS Queensland Section to support Queenslanders in need, it became apparent to the Philanthropy Team that a clear strategy to grow their fundraising income through grant funding was needed.

RFDS - An injured person in a stretcher being loaded onto an airplane by a Royal Flying Doctor and other people.

Grant opportunities without the hours of research

The clear solution was a subscription to GEMS – the Grants Expertise Management System that takes the guesswork out of which grants to apply to. The Strategic Grants research team put in over 80 hours of research a week to keep client grants calendars update-to-date and relevant.

“Because GEMS contains only those grant funding opportunities that align with our funding priorities and geographic areas of operation, we save an enormous amount of time on grants prospect research. This time back means we can focus on other critical tasks,” says Bill.

“For anyone looking to invest in a grants management system — the solution, without a doubt, is GEMS.”

Bill Maddock, Philanthropy Associate, Royal Flying Doctor Service – Queensland Section

Increased funding support for Queenslanders in need

“GEMS has most definitely identified new sources of grant funding opportunities for us,” says Bill.

“From Private Ancillary Funds to corporate to government grants, we are pleased with the range of opportunities available to us. And the fact that this information is now synced directly to RE NXT means we can easily track funder relationships, which is an integral part of our grants strategy.

“For anyone looking to invest in a grants management system — the solution, without a doubt, is GEMS.”