When Kate took on a grants role for the first time, GEMS was “invaluable.”  

Kate is based at Wesley Mission Queensland (WMQ), a not-for-profit community services provider offering more than 90 services including disability support, housing and homelessness services, aged care, mental health services and crisis support.  

“Like many people in a grants position, my prior experience was in different roles, such as communications and project management,” said Kate.  

“Grants was all new, so the one-on-one GEMS training from the Strategic Grants team was a lifesaver. I could really see the potential in how the system would underpin our program.” 

Working in a fast-paced grants role, GEMS has been an instrumental tool for me. I have it open on my desktop every day and it has played a significant role in helping the organisation manage and win grants.” 

Kate, Wesley Mission Queensland

“With such a diverse range of projects, I find it so easy having our whole grants program centralised on GEMS. It’s our single source of truth, which works really well if team members are away from the office.” 

Tracking projects and reporting with GEMS

Kate says GEMS isn’t just a way for Wesley Mission Queensland to identify funding prospects but has proven invaluable in keeping on top of acquittal reporting.  

“The automated reporting reminders make sure we stay on course, and, by inputting our internal finance codes, I can also seamlessly integrate with our Finance team when it comes to monitoring expenditure on individual projects.” 

“I also love how, at any point, I can pull a report to show how our T&F program is tracking, and what we have in the pipeline.” 

Whether finding the right funders for their projects, or streamlining grant reporting, GEMS has proven to be a lifeline for Kate and her dedicated team, supporting their mission to make a positive impact in their community. 

To donate to Wesley Mission Queensland or find out more, visit their website.

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