HarriettAuthor: Harriett Carter

Your killer grant application is coming along nicely, you’ve finally nailed the difference between outputs, outcomes and impact, and you’re on the home stretch – oh so close…

When you pour your heart and soul into a grant application (and sometimes some blood, sweat and tears), you run the risk of getting too familiar with the content.

Stop. Perspective time.

Hand that draft over to someone else – preferably someone who knows very little about your project. 

Their fresh eyes will easily spot whether you’ve clearly answered the questions, and whether you’ve fully explained the need.

If the reader can’t give you a 25-words-or-less nutshell summary of your request, it’s time to revisit your words and dig out those buried points!

Having time to get someone to review your application is just one more reason to be working well in advance of grant deadlines.

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