Author:Dr Karleen Gwinner   #the_characters, #the_need, #back_it_up, #goal_posts, #dig_down, #how_to, #budget_value, #access_yourself Does the thought of writing a project proposal paralyse you with fear? Do your eyes widen, do … Continued

Support Report released

JBWere’s Support Report: the changing shape of giving and the significant implications for recipients is now available to download from the JBWere website. Authored by John McLeod, the Support Report … Continued

Flip your un-submits

    Dr Karleen Gwinner   The Grants in Australia 2017 report identified that over 50% of not-for-profit organisations who responded to the annual survey, said they started but did … Continued

Do the Tender Tango

  Author: Kate Sunners   Like the tango is to the two-step, the tender is to the average grant-application. Tenders can be complex and time-consuming beasts requiring greater depth in … Continued