kentchanAuthor: Kent Chan

The first thing I do each day when I get to work (after making a strong coffee, of course) is open the research inbox that we use to help us keep track of all the latest news on grants and funding in the Australia and New Zealand NFP sector.

Every day we receive a range of emails about new grants from Federal, state and local government departments, corporate foundations, private trusts and a variety of overseas funders.

The emails that we receive can be anything from an announcement of a new grant round to government funding press releases to notifications of a change in a grant’s criteria.

However, announcement emails from funders are only one method of finding new grants – and relies on the connections we have made over many years of grants research.

Before you know it, I find myself with a long list of grants to add to the Grants Hub and each grant I add will require ample time and thorough research to make sure that it is a grant that meets the needs of Strategic Grants’ charity partners.

It’s easy to see how NFPs can get bogged down in grants research. Getting the most out of your limited time and resources is vital and researching new grants to apply for can become overwhelming and be an extremely time-consuming process.stormysea

This is time and effort that could be much better spent on building relationships with funders, and on delivering the projects and activities that are the primary focus of your organisation.

It’s nice to know that the time I spend each day updating the Grants Hub means less time wasted by nonprofits searching through irrelevant grants listings, and more time focusing on the tasks and projects that are most important to them – and to the people they help.

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