Want to know what our grant-seeking experts are reading at the moment? As Research Coordinator, I’ve created a shortlist of interesting and useful sector updates, articles, webinars and research to share with the SG team and now for the wider SG community.  

Reading these helps the team stay up to date with sector trends and updates, which we then include in our training with clients, such as the upcoming Grant-Seeking Workshops. Read an overview of the latest sector news below. 

8 Shifts in Philanthropy for 2023 

The Australian Communities Foundation wrote an article on the latest philanthropy trends and shifts they’re envisioning for 2023. These include accelerated giving, collaboration and going beyond giving. They’ve also written about legacy giving and the expected increase in intergenerational wealth over the next decade.  

Source: https://www.communityfoundation.org.au/making-a-difference/stories/2023-philanthropy-trends

Are any more recommendations worth implementing from nearly 30 years of Commonwealth Non-profit Reform Reports? 

This paper summarises and reviews recommendations from six significant reports, as the current Australian Government commences further reviews into the Australian charity sector (as mentioned in our last news blog post). Dr Myles McGregor-Lowndes writes “In these reports alone, I counted over 160 recommendations, with 21 implemented, 113 unimplemented, and 33 partial or no longer applicable implementations.” The reports examined are: 

The Industry Commission 1995: Charitable Organisations in Australia 

– The Productivity Commission Report 2010: Contribution of the Not-for-profit Sector 

– Senate Inquiry 2008: Disclosure Regimes for Charities and Not-for-profit Organisations 

– Australia’s Future Tax System (The Henry Review) 2010 

– The Not-for-profit (NFP) Sector Tax Concession Working Group 2012 

– The Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission Legislation Review 2018 

Source: https://eprints.qut.edu.au/237821/ 

11 Trends in Philanthropy For 2023 – Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy 

This 40+ page document is the seventh annual 11 Trends in Philanthropy publication that the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy has released. The research is based in the United States, but is relevant to philanthropy  across the world. This includes the topic of collaboration, something team SG are passionate about, along with disaster funding, which is highly topical for our New Zealand partners.  



Lifting the Curtain on Philanthropy Advising 

Another topic that the SG team are often discussing with our clients and colleagues is relationship building. While this article focuses on the relationship between the advisor and funds holder, it also highlights how they help make decisions when it comes to finding their beneficiaries. It delves into philanthropy advising and how it is an emerging profession throughout the world, working within banks, wealth management organisations and philanthropic foundations.   

It also lists three major takeaways from the research conducted with the third being “philanthropy advisors ought to be natural allies with colleagues working across the nonprofit and philanthropy sector, especially those in fundraising roles.” 

Source: https://www.insidephilanthropy.com/home/2023/2/23/lifting-the-curtain-on-philanthropy-advising 

Finally, in case you missed this research released in August 2022: High Net Wealth Giving in Australia.  

The simple summary of this research is that there is huge potential for people and trusts and foundations who are considered high net wealth, to give more which could transform the for-purpose sector and contribute to social reform. There are two reports; the full one for those who love data and graphs, and a summary report if you’d prefer an overview of the research.   

Source: https://www.csi.edu.au/research/high-net-wealth-giving-in-australia/  

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