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Looking for grants and funding opportunities? Here are some funders with approaching deadlines.

Grant:  Core and Cluster Sector Capacity and Capability Building Grants

Areas of support: The aim of this grant is to provide added support for organisations to build capacity to tender for Core and Cluster funded projects. Applicants can seek funding for activities including, but not limited to, contracting professional legal services or specialist consultants, or retrospective funds for expenses incurred from Core and Cluster Tranche 1 and 2 rounds.

Application deadline: 1 May 2023
Location: NSW
Grant value: Up to $20,000
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Grant: Harcourts Foundation Grants Round 57

Areas of support: As our Purpose is “To provide support that helps, grows, and enriches our communities”, we have a clear focus on providing grants to reputable community-based charitable organisations which need funding for projects and initiatives designed to benefit as many people as possible. An application for a grant must be for a specific event, project, item, or initiative. You may apply as a national or regional organisation; however, your application must be for a specific community event, project, item, or initiative that fits the criteria.

Application deadline:  3 May 2023
Location: Australia
Grant value: Previous grants have been $500 to $18,000, up to $111,440
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Grant: Indigenous Workforce and Skills Development Grant

Areas of support: The Indigenous Workforce and Skills Development Grant (IWSDG) program funds Indigenous designed and led projects that support or respond to local training and workforce needs. The IWSDG program recognises that skills and training for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples will be more successful when solutions are designed and developed locally and supported by the community. The program aims to create training and employment pathways for up to 800 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to increase their likelihood of greater economic and social participation.

Application deadline: 4 May 2023
Location: QLD
Grant value: A maximum of $250,000 of funding is available per project, for 12 months of delivery.
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Grant: MyState Foundation Grant

Areas of support: We support local events that are good for the community and the economy. Key criteria: outcome of this program/initiative aligns with the purpose, vision and vision of the Foundation focusing on disadvantaged youth; program/initiative addresses a defined need in the Tasmanian community and creates impact; could the grant make a real difference and are the funds necessary for the program/initiative to occur?

Application deadline: 12 May 2023
Location: TAS
Grant value: Grants from $1,000 to $10,000
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Grant: AIS Elevate Learning Grants Program

Areas of support: The purpose of the Program is to invest in education and professional development opportunities for a sport-specific learning experience to improve the ability of the workforce to identify, develop, support and progress talented athletes. Activities and opportunities that will be supported may include: coaching accreditation and sport-specific learning courses; mentoring and training with peers (within and/or across disciplines); attending conferences; observations at key sporting events of development camps; participation in network activities; professional work; university or other educational based qualification; travel, accommodation or incidental costs associated with the above activities.

Application deadline: 14 May 2023
Location: Australia
Grant value: Up to $5,000
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Grant:  Warrawong Professional Learning Grants

Areas of support: Grants are available to early childhood services or organisations to provide professional learning opportunities for early childhood professionals within the service/organisation, particularly those disadvantaged from participating in these types of opportunities due to geographic location, physical, personal, economic or social circumstances.

Application deadline: 29 May 2023
Location: VIC
Grant value: Up to $10,000
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Grant: The Northern Territory Government – Youth Engagement Quick Response Grants Program

Areas of support: To provide financial support to young people, community groups and organisations enabling young Territorians to engage and participate in a variety of drug and alcohol free recreational events, personal development and leadership programs. Grants are available if either you or your organisation has an activity that you would like to attend or coordinate that aims to engage young people.

Application deadline: 31 May 2023
Location: NT
Grant value: Up to $500 for individuals; up to $2,000 for organisations
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Grant:  The Gordon Darling Foundation Grants

Areas of support: The Gordon Darling Foundation was established to fund Visual Arts activities Australia-wide. Prefers innovative projects increasing access and public exposure. Project examples include catalogues and publications, exhibition development, professional education, purchase or commission of nationally or locally important artworks, research projects, symposia.

Application deadline: 31 May 2023
Location: Australia
Grant value: No minimum/maximum range
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Grant: Gambling Community Benefit Fund Round 117

Areas of support: Provides funding to community groups and not-for-profit organisations in Queensland to enhance their capacity to provide services, leisure activities and opportunities for Queensland communities. Funding applications are prioritised in the following order (with 1 being highest priority): (1) Items/facilities directly affected, damaged or destroyed by a declared natural disaster in the last 2 years; (2) Equipment or facility improvements; (3) Vehicles; (4) Community events, training, workshops, festivals, publications and website development; (5) Organisations that have received more than $15,000 from the GCBF over the past 2 years.

Application deadline: 31 May 2023
Location: QLD
Grant value: Up to $35,000
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