Funders, philanthropists, charities and research – just a few of the topics we keep an eye on each and every day. Team SG’s research team spends more than 90 hours a week keeping our Grants Expertise Management System humming with the latest grant funding opportunities across Australia and New Zealand.

With all that screen time, they come across some great articles. Here’s just a snippet of what’s happening in the charity sector this month.

ACNC Australian Charities Report

The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) released their 9th edition of the Australian Charities Report, based on data obtained from over 49,000 charities lodging their 2021 Annual Income Statements. This year’s report features more analysis than ever before.

Some of the key findings:

  • The charitable sector is a major employer within Australia with employees accounting for over 10% of the Australian workforce
  • The sector holds a critical place in the Australian economy and community, generating $190 billion in revenue
  • Nearly one fifth of registered charities are also grant makers
  • Revenue increased from the year before by 7.9%.

What others are saying about the ACNC Australian Charities Report

Philanthropy Australia: “As at 8 February 2023, 19% of the 59, 967 registered charities were grantmakers. Grantmakers comprise of three broad types of structured philanthropy and one category of ‘other grantmakers’:

  • Private Ancillary Funds (PAFs)
  • Public Ancillary Funds (PuAFs)
  • Other types of charitable trusts
  • ‘Other grantmakers’ referring to charities that report more than 70% of their total expenses as grant or donation expenses or classify a program as grantmaking.

Image from Philanthropy Australia.

Third Sector: “the report confirms the widely observed decline in volunteering, with numbers dropping to 3.2 million, down from 3.4 million previously.”

Gilbert and Tobin: “The total spend on grants and donations marks an increase of 5% on the previous reporting period, a continuation of the upward trend in spending in this area over the last three years. Though this data precedes the Albanese Government, this increase is a good sign for the Australian Government’s pledge to work with the sector to double philanthropic giving by 2030.”

The givers, who aren’t always the tellers: an article written by Philip Matthews in New Zealand.

In this article Philip speaks with some of New Zealand’s leading philanthropists who aren’t always in the spotlight, as to why they give.

Why Humanitix is encouraging startups to build philanthropy into their business models

After several years in business, and donating over $2.5M to charity already, the owners of Humanitix are helping other start-ups and entrepreneurs to incorporate philanthropy into their business. This idea of social impact being integrated into businesses has other effects such as attracting and retaining talent.

Read the full article here:

Why We Give: Most-Read Stories from Our Giving Community (Australian Communities Foundation)

An article delving into why six of their donors give, revealing with no surprises that personal connection is a common element to them all.

Social Enterprise Academic Symposium 2022 – Book of Abstracts

The Social Enterprise industry is growing fast, and was the feature of a World Forum last year in Brisbane. If this is your area, you’re in luck! This document offers a complete listing of all the abstracts presented at the Academic Symposium held in conjunction with the forum.

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