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Measuring what matters: Australia’s first wellbeing framework (Department of The Treasury)

Beyond GDP, employment and other traditional economic indicators, how do we capture what is important to people and measure wellbeing?

Measuring What Matters is Australia’s first national wellbeing framework, tracking the nation’s progress towards a more healthy, secure, sustainable, cohesive and prosperous Australia.

You’ll find some compelling statistics in here. For instance, 46.6% of Australians are living with one or more selected chronic health conditions.

You can check out the full scope of the 50 indicators used in the framework here:

Super-rich warned of ‘pitchforks and torches’ unless they tackle inequality

“So, if super-rich’s philanthropy is more deserving of pitchforks and torches, are there real philanthropists around?”

In this article, Ian Powell explores the question of whether there are genuine philanthropists beyond the super-rich. Ian delves into the lesser-known heroes and their impactful giving in the world of philanthropy.

At an investment conference organised by Spear’s wealth management magazine, members of the global elite and their financial teams were told there was a “real risk of actual insurrection” and “civil disruption” if the yawning inequality gap between rich and poor was allowed to widen.

Social Sector Wellbeing and Resilience Hub (formerly X-Collective)

The Social Sector Wellbeing and Resilience Hub – The Community Well for short – is an online resource specifically designed for charities, not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises. The hub responds to research that shows that many leaders, staff and volunteers in the sector are experiencing stress, anxiety, overwhelm and burnout. Explore each toolbox to find resources for your organisation to support the six pillars of wellbeing.

Changes in the Arts

As the Minister for the Arts confirmed in his election commitment in the October 2022 Budget, on 1 July 2023, Creative Partnerships Australia transferred to the Australia Council for the Arts. This transfer included CPA’s funding, staff and functions, including the ACF to Australia Council (soon to be named Creative Australia). 

An interesting find:

An Index of government funding available to voluntary associations in Victoria / prepared by the Voluntary Associations and Funding Issues Working Party (1980)

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