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It’s essential to have all the key documents, processes and strategies in place before you start grant-seeking, so if you haven’t done one of our workshops, or you are new to grants, we recommend starting with our Beginner Webinar: Building your Grants Strategy before moving on to more advanced topics. 

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Webinar 1   

Beginner Webinar: Building your Grants Strategy. 
(Originally aired 4 February 2019)

 Are you new to a grants role, or is your organisation moving to a more strategic approach to grants?

This webinar contains the essential steps to setting up a successful and sustainable grants program.

Learn about time-saving documents, processes to help you work as a team, pitfalls to avoid, and essentials of funder stewardship in this hour-long webinar.

Cost: $45 (Excl GST)




Advanced Webinar: Thinking Creatively about Funder Engagement and Reporting

(Originally aired 5 March 2019)

Cost: $54 (Excl GST)

Does your organisation have a funder stewardship and engagement strategy? Is it in need of a refresh? Have you asked your funders why they continue to engage with and fund you?

In this 45-minute webinar we’ll provide the tools, steps and creative thinking for building a funder stewardship strategy that will enable you to create longer term relationships and strong partnerships. This includes essential building blocks such as outcomes measurement and reporting; questions to ask your funders to better understand their motivation and decision-making, and knowing ahead of time what you will do and what conversations you’ll need to have if things go wrong or change with your funded projects.



 Introduction to Winning Grants Pre-Recorded Webinar

Are you new to a grants role in a nonprofit organisation, or is your not-for-profit just beginning to seek grants for the first time?

This one-hour introductory webinar, available to be viewed at any time, provides an overview of basic grant-seeking processes for Australian nonprofit organisations, including:

  • why wasn't an application successful?
  • types of grants
  • getting your organisation grant-ready
  • getting your project grant-ready
  • grants research
  • project matching
  • relationship building
  • application writing

(Recorded 2016)

CFRE ContEd Logo18Full participation in the Intro to Winning Grants Webinar is applicable for 1 point in Category 1.B – Education of the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification.

Participation in the Intro to Winning Grants Webinar may assist you in learning or reviewing concepts covered on the Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) examination as detailed on the Test Content Outline provided by CFRE International. CFRE International does not sponsor or endorse any educational programs and the Grant-Seeker Workshop was not developed in conjunction with CFRE International

 Cost: $80 (Excl GST)



Application Writing Pre-recorded Advanced Webinar

 This one-hour webinar provides training in best-practices and strategies of grant application writing. Content includes:


– An overview of getting an organisation grant-ready. Recapping basic processes and key requirements before grant-seeking.

– Getting your project grant-ready. Includes key questions to be answered to create a strong project plan.

– Strategic approach on deciding when/when not to apply.

– Application writing. Writing rules to follow, and a checklist for strong grant applications (eg. Using evidence to back up the need).

– Working through a sample application, unpacking well and poorly written example responses. Questions on the application include: primary objective of the organisation, overview of strategic priorities, efficiency and effectiveness measures, project need, project risks and mitigation strategies.

– Commonly asked grant writing questions and answers

(Recorded 2015)

 Cost: $100 (Excl. GST)



 Evaluation and Social Impact Pre-recorded Advanced Webinar

This 40 minute introduction to evaluation and social impact provides the key background information on planning and implementing an evaluation and using evaluation findings in yoru funder reports. Content includes:

- Introduction – who, what, when, why of evaluation ​

- Designing your evaluation​

- Collecting your data​

- Analysing your data ​

- Reporting: putting it all together to report back to your funder

(Recorded 2016)

 Cost: $100 (Excl. GST)


15% Discount Double Pack: Pre-recorded Advanced Webinars
Application Writing & Evaluation and Social Impact

This 2 pack gives you extended access to both webinars for 2 months. 

Cost: $170 (Excl. GST)